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Scorpion Bay Fights Underwater Mining

Islands & Seas is working to block a mining operation just off the coast of Scorpion Bay.

If approved by the Mexican government, the project would negatively impact endangered species and fishing and surfing in the area. Islands & Seas used scientific data to write a letter showing the impact mining would have on the area.

“We’re helping the local community fight the project by providing a scientific argument against the Environmental Impact Assessment conducted by the mining company,” says Islands & Seas cofounder Dr. Lauren Esposito. “The mining company said there would be little impact. That’s patently false. Mining would disrupt whale calving and food sources for endangered turtles, among many other negative outcomes.”


A U.S. underwater exploration company discovered a deposit of phosphate in the area. The company formed a Mexican subsidiary and applied for a permit to dredge the seafloor for 50 years. They claim the phosphate will make fertilizer that will help feed the people of Mexico, which happens to be one of the primary political platforms of Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto. 

Future Action

The Scorpion Bay community and nonprofits have been very vocal in their opposition to the mining concession. But it is still unclear whether the mining project will move forward. 

We are committed to helping the local community fight the mining project through scientific testimony and support. 

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